VM1 Polish

VM1 Polish, because of its advanced functional Nano chemistry, works like no other product on the market today. The extremely small size of our proprietary blend of Nano- polymers allowsVM1 Polish penetrate below the surface, filling in the submicroscopic pores and abnormalities present in every surface including clear coat and lacquer paints, chrome, plastic and glass without streaking. Being no larger than 1/80,000 of a human hair allows these molecules to go far deeper than large molecules like silicone, petroleum distillates (paraffin, kerosene, mineral oil) and carnauba wax which are found in most of the leading brands on the market today!

Our VM1 Polish’s technology allows these molecules to bond to each other and fuse to the surface being treated. Since our Nano molecules bond to each other you can safely and easily apply multiple coast of VM1 Polish on top of each other. Each application will deepen the shine with no noticeable build up. VM1 Polish changes the optical properties of the light reflected from the treated surface because of the new smoothness present at the microscopic level, reflected light waves no longer bounce around below the surface before being reflected.

VM1 Polish reduces friction by producing a surface the is so slippery the dust, dirt and grime can easily be removed saving time the energy.
We expect the shine our polish produces to last many months under normal conditions.
VM1 Polish will stay in place unless removed with detergent. Some automatic car washes also use strong detergents in their washing process which is why we recommend hand washing.
We know you will love our product we guarantee it!


  •  Start with a clean dry vehicle
  • Spray 1 to 4 sprays on a clean microfiber cloth
  • Apply to 1section at a time
  • Buff each section with a clean microfiber cloth
  • Safely used on glass, plastic and chrome
  • First time use apply 2 coats


4oz. $17.95
8oz. $29.95
16oz. $44.95


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